We offer a variety of courses in programming and robotics, ranging from grades k-12. Each class a unique and fun experience that will provide students with practical and critical thinking skills that they can use on their path to success.

Junior Programming

K-2nd grade

An introduction to programming for young learners. Students will develop a love for programming in this class by learning programming logic while having fun. Students will learn motion, loops, talking, characters, and more. This class will also develop students writing and reading. We will also discuss internet safety. Each student will receive a workbook. Programming will be done on tablets. There are levels 1-3 for this class so students can enjoy the course multiple times while learning new material.

Junior Robotics

K-2nd grade

An interactive, hands on, and fun course that will teach students how to build, program, collaborate and problem solve. No prior robotics experience required. Students will also learn about programming through the Lego programming interface. There are levels 1 – 3 in this course so your student can enjoy this class multiple times. Students will start by making beginner robots and progress to advanced robotics with advanced programming. Students will also receive a workbook to use throughout the class and take home at the end of the

Scratch Programming

 3rd Р8th grade

This course will teach students the fundamentals of programming in a fun, graphical environment. Students will learn about conditions, loops, actions, movement, and events. The students will create many programs that reinforce these topics in an entertaining and educational manner. The course comes with a workbook for the students and a USB drive. There are also laptops available for students who cannot bring one from home. There are 4 levels to this course so students can enjoy the class multiple times while learning new material.


3rd-8th grade

An interactive course that will teach students how to build, program, collaborate and problem solve. Robotics encompasses many parts of life, and this course will teach students how to build robots to solve a specific task as well as programming them for autonomous and human-controlled operation. No prior robotics or programming experience is required.

Web Development

5th-9th grade

Encompasses all of the programming necessary for web sites. In the beginning class, students will lean about front-end web development in HTML, which is one of the languages web browsers understand. HTML focuses on the visual aspect of web design, including fonts, images, tables, and arranging objects on a page. This is a great intro class for students because of the visual aspect. This is also a great next step for student who have taken Scratch or have some programming experience. Students will have a clear understanding of HTML tags and how to create basic web sites. Students will receive a workbook and USB drive. In further courses students will learn CSS and JavaScript.

Java Programming

8th-12th grade

No prerequisite needed for this course! The introduction to Java course will cover topics that are relevant to modern high-level languages, including conditional statements, loops, variables, Boolean logic, and methods. Java is an important language that is taught in the AP computer science course in high school, college courses, and used in industry. Successful completion of this course will provide a solid foundation in introductory programming topics and computer science. There will be laptops available for students who cannot bring one from home. There are 4 levels to this course.