About Us

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Jeffrey Miller

Co-Founder of SigmaCoding.org

“I want every participant to feel like he or she can become an inventor of technology, not just a consumer.”

Jeffrey Miller co-founded SigmaCoding.org, along with his wife Codi Miller. For the past eighteen years, he has worked as a professor of computer science in order to help students achieve their aspirations in STEM fields. In 2001, Jeff worked as an Assistant and Associate Professor of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Alaska. There, he also founded and operated a STEM summer camp for middle school students to learn robotics, rapid prototyping, GPS tracking, structure destruction, environmental surveying, and FM radio creation. In 2013, Jeff accepted an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology Practice position at USC, where he teaches and conducts research on Autonomous Vehicles and Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles. Two years later, Jeff founded and designed curriculum for the CS@SC summer camp where he aims to expose as many children as possible to the field of computer science, regardless of background. As of 2019, CS@SC boasted over 1,000 participants from all over the globe. In his spare time, Jeff loves taking RV trips with his wife and children.

Codi Miller

Co-Founder of SigmaCoding.org

Codi Miller co-founded SigmaCoding.org, along with her husband Jeff Miller. She is a graduate from the University of Southern California, where she earned her degree in Biology. Her passion to educate bloomed once she realized that the ability to program made a degree in Biology infinitely more valuable. Since then, Codi has worked with numerous education-based organizations. Coupled with being female, a minority, and the mother of a young daughter along with their newborn son, she recognizes the need to empower all students in STEM fields no matter their race, gender, or household income.


SigmaCoding.org was founded by Jeff and Codi Miller in 2019. Despite the massive workforce demand for coding experience, computer science, engineering, and applied physical science are not courses traditionally taught in K12 curriculum. Noticing this educational disparity, Jeff and Codi explored ways to help young people acquire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. They found that families seeking STEM courses encountered two major obstacles: outrageous pricing and a focus on exposure rather than retention programs. Thus, SigmaCoding.org was founded with a mission to empower students to succeed tomorrow by integrating technology into education today. Ideally, SigmaCoding.org helps participants develop confidence in their individual computer science ability by providing affordable year-round STEM courses. The Millers believe that exposing children to more accessible STEM education will foster innovation and bring technological solutions to demographics that may not yet be serviced.

Our Classes

Students are able to explore topics not typically covered in traditional K12 curricula, including computer science, programming, web development, mobile app creation, and robotics. Studies have shown that students who are exposed to computer science and engineering fields at a young age are more likely to excel in academic fields such as science and mathematics. The goal of our courses is to expose students to a wide variety of STEM topics so that they can compete in an increasingly technological world. SigmaCoding.org classes are not designed to convince students to major in STEM fields when they reach college, but rather to provide enough exposure so that they may make an informed decision about the field they wish to pursue.